Another Corona subliminal ad

Close-up of Corona Extra truck ad with subliminal images

In the center there’s a series of concentric circles that evoke a graphic device used to induce a hypnotic trance through eye fixation. The rings in lime wedge serve as a tie-in to the mesmerizing circles. Also, actually seeing lime wedges at a bar will serve as a trigger to the ad’s suggestion. More conventional posters showing Corona with lime, as are likely to be found in a liquor store, will produce the same effect.

The bottle contains the outline of a phallus.

Corona Extra truck ad with subliminal images

The complete graphic on the side of a delivery truck.

No software “enhancements” or special lighting were appled to this or any of the other images at the Site. The graphics are actual ads, publicly installed and in use. A consumer digital camera is used and the pictures are taken from the street.

Corona Extra ad subliminal images

Corona Extra beer subliminal advertising images close-ups

Apple iPad Lincoln Tunnel installation

Apple iPad Lincoln Tunnel billboards

The images’ manifest content is a portrayal of the iPad as the better laptop computer.

Apple woman with iPad Lincoln Tunnel billboard

The graphics also store a considerable sexual potential. What the billboards show are three reclining people playing with something between their legs. All are using an extended digit. Clearly, Apple wants you to know that armed with an iPad a woman can be one of the boys.

For the female figure, the hands are Michelangelo Davidesque. The woman’s chest appears in profile. The hot pink pants have many folds. Her feet are nearly as prominent as the electronic gizmo that’s being promoted. The toes highlighted by a bow peek out of the shoes with shadows showing spaces between body parts.

Though the peoples’ heads are cut off , these billboards have nothing in common with liquor advertising “Silent Woman” motif. Here, what’s being presented is an invitation for the viewer to imagine (put) themselves in the picture. This technique is more often implemented by not showing a face, but just the back of the head.