Dogajolo delivery truck sign

Dogajolo delivery truck ad close upDogajolo delivery truck ad

An unusual image that primarily serves to implement a conventional alcoholic beverage advertising technique. The product is associated with sex by showing the labels as tattoos on the nearly naked women.

What is strange for an alcoholic beverage ad is the phallic imagery (not unknown in fashion or shoe promotion) in the pictures of the women. Both are growing upright limbs, one obviously of hard wood. The blond in the foreground has long fingers and a long big toe. Both of her feet seem to be cylindrical and one hand also is elongated. Do the targeted male prospective customers find alluring the idea of female domination? Or, does this “strong woman” aspect of the advertising target female consumers?

Absolut Bloody delivery truck

Absolut Bloody delivery truck

Absolut Bloody delivery truck graphic

Absolut Bloody Glass

The oval glass with the inserted celery stalk is a sexually charged image. The goblet features a design that’s very similar to an attention-focusing hypnotic spiral.

The embellished frame is at an off-kilter perspective. As the truck proceeds through traffic, the lighting will be both varying in intensity and coming from different angles. The viewer — either a pedestrian or a motorist — probably also will be moving. Especially on the road, the askew portrayal of the frame will provide an illusion of depth and animation.