Emporio Armani NYC Billboard

Emporio Armani NYC Billboard

Installed on the corner of 14th Street and 9th Avenue in New York City

This Emporio Armani billboard works on several levels. On the most obvious, the vivid flesh tones of the model contrast with the greys of steel and stone. She is warm and alive, moving through a cold unfeeling streetscape. Stepping out of a fog, our urban Amazon not only can’t be missed, but actually dominates the scene. This external message is that by means of Armani, you’ll no longer blend into the background.

The image contains a number of curious elements. One erect heavy-leather high-heeled foot is firmly planted on the sidewalk. Literally the central element, a large strong hand grips an Armani bag that seems to protrude from between the serious Ms’s legs. Penetrating the image is the bulk of the upright of a traffic signal pole that extends from a broader base.

Emporio Armani NYC rooftop billboard

Myths might tell you that culture heroes are in heaven. Billboards can show them there.

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