Say it with flowers?

Like it was yesterday, I can remember the professor’s remark in Psych 101 when we started on Psychoanalysis: “After you’ve studied Freud, when someone says it with flowers, you’ll know exactly what it is that they’re trying to say.”

Do note on what the man has his hands. Since the woman is blushing, his viewing the orchid has engendered embarrassment. For him, seeing the flower is very exciting; he’s staring and his jaw’s dropped.

This advertising image uses a supraliminal stimulus with a subliminal response. The orchid and the box are clearly accessible to the conscious mind. The unconscious equates the flower and case with sexual anatomy. The next step progresses from Psychoanalysis to Pavlovian conditioning. The unconscious’s charged understanding of the setting — essentially getting to third base — is associated with the brand’s tobacco concoction.

This ad appeared on the back cover of the 1942 Sporting News Official Baseball Record Book.