Armani Jeans Megan Fox billboard – 2011 Number 2

Armani Jeans Megan Fox billboard - 14th Street in NYC

Installed at 14th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan.

Like the Armani 2011 Number 1 and the last Armani billboard of 2010 also installed at 14th Street and 9th Avenue in New York City, the Megan Fox billboard shows a living woman set in an unfeeling environment. In the other ads, some elements — the wind and the steam — did have a dynamic quality that’s lacking here. The background of the Megan Fox billboard is old and dead. The two preceding advertisements contrasted the living model with the insentient city by showing her in color against the urban grays. With the new billboard, the entire image is shades of grey. The same contrast is achieved by showing Megan Fox’s smooth skin and many curves alongside the rough, cracked wall. Like the last billboard of 2010, a pole is a prominent feature of the image, here with Megan Fox embracing the upright. Before the emphasis –large feet, muscled legs, and broad shoulders — was on the strength and power of the models. As Megan Fox is as tall as the pole, the new piece stresses control.

Below is a close-up to show the text of the tattoos. As the script is too small to be normally read, does this provide subliminal input?

Armani Jeans Megan Fox billboard - close-up to show tattoo text