And you thought all that “reptilian brain” stuff was like cutting-edge?

And you thought all that “reptilian brain” (Which it really isn’t. The “reptilian brain” controls heart rate, breathing and temperature regulation. It’s the limbic brain — an innovation of mammals — that’s involved with emotions.) stuff was like cutting-edge?

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After getting fired from his academic post at Johns Hopkins, Watson began working for one of the biggest advertising agencies in New York City, J. Walter Thompson. (He was dismissed for his scandalous divorce. Short story: He fell in love with a graduate student while he was married to a woman who was one of his undergraduate students 17 years earlier.)

He believed that in order for advertising to be effective, it should appeal to three innate emotions: love, fear and rage.

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Jersey City Free Books seeks to partner with brands and marketing agencies by distributing product samples, coupons and promotional items.

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