BMW Diesel TV Commercial — “Do that again.”

Do note the curious call to action: “It’s time to come clean.”

This current ad uses the dynamic (Freudian) unconscious to associate the word “diesel” with “dildo.” Here’s the yang to the Svedka robot’s yin.

In Marshall McLuhan’s 1951 collection of essays, The Mechanical Bride, he discussed the conjunction of the sexual and the mechanical in the shared mind. Here’s just a bit from McLuhan’s preface:
“Ours is the first age in which many thousands of the best-trained individual minds have made it a full-time business to get inside the collective public mind. To get inside in order to manipulate, exploit, control is the object now. And to generate heat not light is the intention. To keep everybody in the helpless state engendered by prolonged mental rutting is the effect of many ads and much entertainment alike.
. . .
“But amid the diversity of our inventions and abstract techniques of production and distribution there will be found a great degree of cohesion and unity. This consistency is not conscious in origin or effect and seems to arise from a sort of collective dream.”
. . .

From the essay Love-Goddess Assembly Line:
“. . . one of the most peculiar features of our world — the interfusion of sex and technology. It is not a feature created by the ad men, but it seems rather to be born of a hungry curiosity to explore and enlarge the domain of sex by mechanical technique, on one hand, and, on the other, to possess machines in a sexually gratifying way.”
. . .

From the essay The Mechanical Bride:
. . .
“It would be a mistake, therefore, to equate the intensity of the current glamour campaigns and techniques with any corresponding new heights of man-woman madness. Sex weariness and sex sluggishness are, in measure at least, both the cause and increasingly the outcome of these campaigns. No sensitivity of response could long survive such a barrage. What does survive is the view of the human body as a sort of love-machine capable merely of specific thrills. This extremely behavioristic view of sex, which reduces sex experience to a problem in mechanics and hygiene, is exactly what is implied and expressed on all sides. It makes inevitable both the divorce between physical pleasure and reproduction and also the case for homosexuality. In the era of thinking machines, it would be surprising, indeed, if the love-machine were not thought of as well.
. . .
“. . . is a popular dream art which works trance-like inside a situation that is never grasped or seen, And this trance seems to be what perpetuates the widely occurring cluster image of sex, technology, and death which constitutes the mystery of the mechanical bride.”

From the essay The Tough as Narcissus
. . .
“The terror inspired by wild beasts, which led tribal societies to get psychologically inside the tribal totem animal, is being repeated today to the degree that those who are confused or overwhelmed by a machine world are encouraged to become psychologically hard, brittle, and smoothly metallic. The slick-chick and the corporation executive, as they now register on the popular imagination, are already inside the totem machine.”

The Mercedes-Benz Winter Event billboard

Mercedes-Benz Winter Event Lincoln Tunnel billboard

Billboard installed in the area of the NJ side of the Lincoln Tunnel.

A standard “Happy Holidays” ad that creates a suggestion for the product that’s triggered by something in the Christmas season environment — here the song Jingle Bells. Defining itself as a Winter ad, this piece attempts to increase its lifespan past January 1. The mountains in the background associate Mercedes-Benz cars with skiing.