The Borgata – The Show That Never Ends billboard

Borgata - The Show That Never Ends billboard - large

Installed near the NJ side of the Lincoln Tunnel

The message to men is clear: The Borgata Atlantic City casino is a great place to “get lucky.” The cork embraced by the mouth of the model on the left certainly needs no explanation. What should be noted is that the subconscious mind will quite gleefully fill in the blanks of the not shown phallic wine bottle neck and the ejaculation release of champagne.

As the model to the right appears to be wearing a funeral hat, the billboard also communicates to women the idea of the casino as a vehicle for re-establishing a social life.

Motorists see the image either just when driving by or through peripheral vision while waiting to pay the toll. As the advertising is not consciously examined, the mind acquires the content subliminally.